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Drone Technology & Gardening

If you’re open to the idea of cooperating with technology, then using a drone for gardening is a fun & easy way
to observe, plan, grow & maintain your garden, ultimatley providing long term fiancial savings.

  • Why should horticulture join the drone revolution?

While in some cases their use is questionable, there is no doubt that drones and gardening are a match made in heaven, at least for commercial farmers who use drones in the garden, or rather the fields, to keep an eye on their crops. This reduces the time it takes to manage not only weeds, but pests, diseases, and irrigation.

Using drones in the garden on a regular basis and noting trends, can help with future garden plants. It can tell you if certain areas are lacking irrigation, or if a certain crop seems to thrive in one area over another. Its also a great way to record seasonal changes and monitor the growth and performance of plantings.

Basically, using drones in the garden is like a high-tech garden diary,
plus you get beautiful pictures to combine with other pertinent data.