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Horticultural Advice / Consultancy

From renovation to rewilding, Morpheus Garden Care provides a professional garden consultancy service, at an affordable cost.

  • What is a Horticultural Consultant and what do they do?

Horticultural consultants cover the full range of the profession

- everything from growing food crops to the restoration of historic gardens.

At Morpheus Garden Care, the focus is on 'soft' landscaping and grounds management,
consciously combined with a pinch of permaculture & a dash of drone technology.

'Soft Landscaping' is the living elements of your garden or grounds - the turf, hedges, flowerbeds and features such as wildflower meadows. These parts of the landscape are often ignored or deemed of a lesser importance, but just as a poorly maintained soft landscape can detract from the economic and environmental value of a site, a well-installed and well-maintained soft landscape can increase the value of your property, can improve the lives of those living around the green space, and provide a biodiversity net gain for the local environment.

'Grounds management' covers grounds maintenance, gardening, landscape maintenance, even estate management. The issues are usually the same, whether you are in Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, York, Leeds or London! Whilst different plants behave in different ways in different parts of the country, a good horticultural consultant will be able to guide you on what is right for your site, and how it should be looked after.

'Permaculture' a method for designing sustainable, human-supporting landscapes that mimic the operation of natural ecosystems. By linking the different parts of each system in ecologically sensible ways, permaculture achieves high yields for low energy inputs while actually building fertility over successive seasons.

'Drone Techology' If you’re open to the idea of cooperating with technology, then using a drone for gardening is a fun & easy way to observe, plan, grow & maintain your garden, like a high-tech garden diary, plus you get beautiful pictures to combine with other pertinent data.

  • What is the benefit of using a Horticultural Consultant?

A professional Garden Consultant will give you independent advice.
Their advice is unbiased because they are being paid to only give advice.
They do not assume that they will be the Contractor who actually does the manual work.

  • How does it work? - What can I expect to happen?

- An initial consultation - this is free, via telephone or email and no advice will be offered.
- A site assessment/observations
- fixed fee agreed for a short site assessment and verbal advice.
- A report with recommendations
- fact sheets and research so you can refer back to later.
- Discussion/summary
- the chance to ask questions.
- Review
- telephone/email support as appropriate.